The territory of Versilia, routes and ideas fro holidays in Lido di Camaiore

Lido di Camaiore and its territory


Lido di Camaiore and its territory

The Municipality of Camaiore in the centre of Versilia, extends for 84 square kilometres with a population of about 32.600 inhabitants. The area is bordered by the Tyrrhenian Sea, the Apuan Alps and the hills forming the south-eastern boundary

The peaks of the Apuan Alps that surround the valley, at whose center is the capital, over a thousand meters in height. The hills have a sweet trend, made even more pleasurable by millennial human intervention that has transformed into gardens characteristic of a landscape become an integral part of the nature of the territory.

The higher slopes of the mountains are covered by Mediterranean forest that as you go up it becomes alpine pasture

The plain which separates the coast from the hills is by now almost completely urbanized although many spaces are used for intensive agriculture of high quality

Some small oasis retain original features of the swampy costal plains typical of the Mediterranean

The climate that characterizes the Municipality of Camaiore is typical of Versilia, influenced by the action of the sea: mild in winter and non too hot in the summer

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